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‘The Art of Creative Expression’ is a series of 3 Day Art & Pottery Workshops that in combination with Yoga & Meditation classes cultivate creativity and stillness from deep within.

Creativity is a quality that is not of the mind, it is something that comes into us when we are still, focused and fully present with what we are doing. From this presence and consciousness it arises and is expressed through the individual in the form of art or music or in many of the other infinite ways that add beauty into this life and the world around us. Creativity in all it’s forms is something to be cherished, enjoyed and allowed to flow through us freely.

Through the medium of Art and Pottery, this 3 Day workshop is designed to assist and guide the individual in exploring their own creative process. Learn to be focused and present, tune into the creativity flowing from within and gain the technical skills, knowledge and ability to adequately express what is discovered.

The 3 Day workshop is priced at 5400 Rps/per person ( 1800 Rps per day).

This price is not inclusive of meals or accommodation.

For more info or to book your place please email or whatsapp on +917798872378.

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