2018-2019 Retreats

Jungle Silent Stillness Retreats
‘The Art of Being’
3 or 5 Day Packages

Connect to the Stillness of Nature
Meditation & Silence

Khaama Kethna ecological village and retreat centre invites you to participate in a 3-5 day ‘Silent Retreat’ in our tranquil slice of jungle wilderness. Immerse yourself into deep silent stillness and withdraw into the solitude and serenity of nature to reconnect to your true being within. No religions, ashrams or gurus and no distractions, just simple silence surrounded by the native flora and fauna of the South Goan Jungle.

Spread across 3-5 days and 12 acres of sub tropical forest, sleep in one of our traditionally hand crafted tree houses or cabanas and live in harmony with nature. We offer a gentle yet challenging program that combines sustained silence, a total digital detox, a clean healthy plant based diet and uniquely supportive yoga and guided meditation classes to completely cleanse and re-centre you from within.

Go beyond meditation, discover your inner stillness and begin to dissolve your attachments to the world around you.

At Khaama Kethna, the art of being is consciously cultivated through simple but powerful and practical methods. One such method is by providing a sanctuary that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of nature from this modern, hectic world. Living as one with nature enables people to reconnect to their true being in their own way and own time.
In ordinary daily living, the mind is kept active through continuous stimulation from the outside world, this internal activity often builds up forming an inner restlessness and an insatiable need for entertainment through experience. Constant bombardment of the senses coupled with the complex interplay of emotions and attitudes involved in most social interactions tend to keep the fire of the mind burning, leaving you feeling anxious, discontent and fragmented. By removing distractions such as electronics, internet, music and books that activate the mind and disconnecting from the ceaseless chatter of social media, mobile phones and social interactions, we begin to free ourselves from the mental momentum and restlessness continually perpetuated by unnecessary screens and convenient conversations.
Living in silence allows for a heightened sense of intimacy with the beauty of life all around us. Our senses become more acute and our perceptions within and without can appear to us with greater clarity. We gradually become more in tune with the subtle life force within and a new awareness begins to unfold our thoughts and feelings normally drowned out by daily living. This is a powerful process that has the ability to penetrate deep within uncovering pure self-knowledge and revealing your true radiant being.
There are no distracting agendas, religions, ashrams or gurus placed upon you here and all views, traditions and spiritual paths are respected. Our methods are straight and simple, to support relaxation, stillness and transformation. The effective and enduring practices learned with us can be integrated into your everyday life long after you have left our retreat centre.

Upon arrival in the afternoon of the first day, once check in is complete we will have a full induction with a complete program including meal times and class/activity timetable. All of the rules and do’s and dont’s will be outlined and explained as well as a detailed map of the site and areas specially designated for the silent retreat. We ask that all guests please arrive before induction begins as silence will commence after the induction is finished.

Silence does not mean no sound: Just the idea of silence can appear intimidating to some who are more familiar with a more active and enjoyable social life. However here in the jungle, silent most definitely doesn’t mean no sound. The constant hum and ever expanding chorus of the wildlife all around becomes a soothing and comforting tune. An even more terrifying prospect to some is the total disconnection from the digital world but once again you may be surprised to find that the nature all around puts on a far more inspiring and entertaining show.

A detailed schedule will be given upon arrival and fully explained during your induction to silent living.

At our onsite Naturopathy Centre we provide a range of holistic wellbeing & wellness treatments and Ayurvedic massage. Treatments can be arranged for you throughout the retreat and can be pre booked during the induction.
Limited places apply and spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis so please contact us via Email or Phone/WhatsApp or Facebook Message to book your place.

Phone/WhatsApp: +917798872378
Address: 442 Gurawal, Agonda, Canacona, Goa.

Yoga & Permaculture Forest Retreat

Join us for an transformational and educational 12 day retreat where we will combine yoga and movement therapy with immersive learnings from the permaculture design certificate to heal ourselves, the environment and our communities.

With Claude Oprea & Maria Fernandes

This retreat merges the ancient Eastern philosophy of Yoga with the holistic Western design science of Permaculture. Both disciplines speak a similar language and stem from a deep care for humans and the earth.

The location is a one-of-a-kind eco village in Agonda, South Goa, sought out to reflect the ethos of our holistic retreats. It is a hidden secret completely off the beaten path, set in the tropical jungle in verdant, tranquil south Goa. The venue encourages communion with nature and serves as the perfect backdrop for learning and living close to the earth.

Obtain an internationally recognised PDC certificate (Permaculture Design Course certificate)
Yoga twice a day in the forest shala
Charming accomodation nestled in the lap of nature
Nourishing plant-based meals
An offsite adventure to learn how permaculture is applied.
***Tenting options available

Permaculture Subjects include:
Permaculture ethics and principles, design methods
Patterns in humans and nature
Sector analysis and zoning, with a focus on zone 00 (the self)
Soil ecology, organic soil building, mulches and compost
Water harvesting, storing and conserving, earthworks and aquaculture
Trees and forest ecosystems
Urban Permaculture
The design process
Green technologies
Community development strategies and urban regeneration.

PDC Lead – Claude Oprea (

Claudiu is fully committed to contributing towards the protection and renewal of all life. Through his work, Claudiu hopes to ignite a passion in others to establish a more connected and loving relationship with the Earth – one that is founded in reverence, respect and co-operation. Claudiu has been in India since 2016 setting up land and food growing projects in Goa, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, volunteering, teaching the permaculture design certificate (PDC) course and assisting Robyn Francis, Rico Zook, Govinda Sharma, Narsana Koppula, Jude Hobbs, Clea Chandmal and Starhawk (some of the world’s best permaculture tutors) at the extended PDC part of the IPC (International Permaculture Convergence) held at Polam Farm in Hyderabad, in November and December 2017

Type of Accommodation // Price (per person on double occupancy basis) in India Rupees.

Deluxe Tree house (2 Bedroom) – Rs. 65000

Standard Tree house (2 Bedroom) – Rs. 60000

Standard Tree house (3 Bedroom) – Rs. 52000

Cabana Deluxe – Rs. 65000

Cabana Standard – Rs. 60000

Bed in Hostel Room – Rs. 47000

Pitch your own Tent – Rs. 42000


For more information or to book your place visit or contact Meghna on

Tapa Yoga India 100HR & 200HR TTC

Tapas Yoga (Yoga Alliance International US) delivers 100 hours Yin and Vinyasa yoga and 200 hours of multi-style Yoga teacher training in Goa, the land of sun, sand, and sea. We aspire to merge the body, mind, and soul in a union that binds one’s self to something that is greater than all of us.

Our yoga teacher training courses offer a systematic routine that allows you to learn and love the art that is living. We believe in philosophy that can see the vast difference between living and existing, with Yoga that is best at its traditional self.

Tapas Yoga welcomes everyone who’s on a journey to find them for a greater purpose or just to break free from the pattern of birth, old age, disease and death.


100 Hours Multi-style Yoga Teachers Training

100 hours Yoga Teacher Training emphasizes on  4 main yoga styles that are Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga with major Meditation practices and Yogic Philosophy.

Tapas yoga offers 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course (Pre-TTC) which is actually the first section of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

This short-term course is designed for all those people who are keen to learn yoga & wants to become a certified yoga teacher but don’t have ample time to complete 200 Hours YTTC. Whether you want to give your yoga practice a startup, move towards the personal & spiritual development or wants to rejuvenate & refresh your soul, then this 100 Hours Yoga TTC is for you.. After the completion of the first half of the 200 Hours YTTC (i.e., 100 Hours YTTC), students have to complete other 100 Hour Yoga course within the time period of 1 year whenever you are free to visit again at, “TAPAS YOGA INDIA”. The two semesters (of 100 Hours each) will be deemed to be complete after the successful completion of assignments and exams. Certificate is given for the 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course. No doubt, it will be a glorious opportunity to bloom your career in the field of yoga.



9 Oct – 20 Oct

5 Nov – 16 Nov

1 Dec – 12 Dec

27 Dec – 7 Jan

22 Jan – 2 Feb

18 Feb – 01 Mar

16 Mar – 27 Mar

11 Apr – 22 Apr



200 Hours Multi-style Teachers Training

Our 200 hours teacher training provides a multi-style yoga practice which mainly comprises of 4 main yoga styles that are Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga  followed by different practices of meditation, Theoretical knowledge of yoga anatomy, yogic philosophy and other traditional yoga practices.

Our 200 hours teachers training provide a complete package for the yoga enthusiasts seeking authentic yoga knowledge and want to spread it.



9 Oct – 1 Nov

5 Nov – 28 Nov

1 Dec – 24 Dec

27 Dec – 19 Jan

22 Jan – 14 Feb

18 Feb – 13 March

16 March – 8 April

11 April – 4 May


For full details visit

Rebirth to your Inner Child


Will change your Life
We’ll go to your ROOTS, to find the voice and the energy of Your INNER CHILD – Your True Nature

All your problems are coming from old conditioning’s and unresolved issues. We all have certain personality traits and gifts, unique to each. Science has proven that the first 7 years of our lives has the biggest emotional impact on our personality structure and brain development – containing a child view of the world and itself. Influenced by all experiences, people, and environment, this becomes our foundation, our patterns of behavior, significantly influencing our daily life without us even knowing about it.

Although it seems to go back to the Past, we instead work on the Here-Now, which is the only possible place where you can find Yourself, your Essence, your Courage, your Joy, your LOVE.

In the jungle, at the beautiful land of Khaama Kethna, you’ll experience the impact of deep Energy work, Meditation, Breath and Emotional Release, Family Constellation, the Energy of Nature… You’ll find Your Real Home.

Extra activities such as painting and dance, time for Leisure and enjoying the Ocean…
Altogether an unforgettable experience.

Suitable for everybody from 18 years. Helpful for therapists, counselors and healer

Has 30 years of learning, training and counseling experience. She works in the fields of Human Consciousness, Growth and Meditation, to develop People´s Living intelligence and to improve individual´s Understanding. Darshana’s goal is to move people towards their inner and outer resources: grounding, integrity, self-worth and freedom.

Khaama Kethna – beautiful ecological well-being retreat Center provides a secluded jungle sanctuary that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of nature from this modern, hectic world – ideal for inner work and healing. Is situated 5 km from the ocean.

It provides accommodation for all budgets in luxurious tree-houses, cabanas or hostel, all with private terraces within tranquil natural surroundings. Throughout the retreat you can enjoy creative and inspiring fusion of natural wholesome local and continental organic farm fresh vegetarian meals and drink.

Early bird 20 % Discount till 15 November
More Information:
fcb: Human Academy

E.A.R.T.H Yoga Retreats

E.A.R.T.H Retreats are tailor made to specific needs of a group or an individual for restoring self-healing ability of the body thus decluttering the mind from the pollution of our society.

Our aim is to support your growth of awareness through connecting to your sensations which ultimately cultivates the body’s natural intelligence.

We have put together a unique program to bring wholesomeness, balance and harmony in your physical, mental and emotional body. We believe that only with a harmonious body, can you grow intuition and create the life you dream about.

We support our students to take what they learn through our retreats & trainings and apply it to their lives to build a happy,positive and peaceful lifestyle. We are excited to be part of your journey of self discovery!

Come be part of our E.A.R.T.H. Yoga Retreat at Khaama Kethna, Agonda, South Goa. Redefine your life with unique yoga asanas, intuitive bodywork, transformational breath work and holistic nutrition. Experience a new way of living and make yourself a priority


  • Unique yoga techniques
  • Detox & sattvic food
  • Educational talks
  • Therapy sessions
  • Meditation & relaxation classes
  • Restorative practices of yoga

The Gurus:
Leona –

Mihir –

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Enveloped in the tranquillity of the wilderness, Khaama Kethna in Goa is a unique ecological village and wellbeing centre.

The aim at Khaama Kethna is to provide a uniquely nourishing jungle experience that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of nature from this modern, hectic world. The eco village is an example of a practical way to live as close to the earth as possible and be wide open to the symphony of its inhabitants in a simple, comfortable and refreshing manner. All the programs and events along with the healthy farm fresh meals prepared in our restaurant are designed to support relaxation, stillness and transformation of your life.

Book now to have a transformational retreat experience this February 2019.

For more info and contact details go to

India Unveiled

A Journey of Discovery and Transformation through South India
From February 10 to February 24 2019

Join Lisa Messina on her fifth annual journey through South India to explore the origins of yoga surrounded by the vibrant colours, landscapes, and culture of this ancient and inspiring country. This retreat offers a unique opportunity for personal healing and transformation as you travel through India with an experienced guide in a supportive group setting.

There are three parts to our journey, each designed to help you achieve your goals of physical, mental, and spiritual awakening and transformation. Attune to nature and ground yourself in a jungle oasis where holistic healing is the primary focus. Explore India’s rich culture and history among the ancient temples and ruins of Hampi. Surrender to your truth and and deepen your practice on the beautiful beaches of South Goa.

Only 9 spots left.
See for more detals and to register.

2017-2018 Retreats

Retreat 4
Retreat 4

Teacher 1 & Teacher 2

Retreat 3
Retreat 3

Teacher 1 & Teacher 2

Retreat 2

Teacher 1 & Teacher 2

Retreat 1
Retreat 1

teacher 1 & teacher 2

Host your own retreat?

Khaama Kethna is an authentic space to host your retreat or workshop. Our property is 2km from the ocean, set in nature and provides a serene space conducive to yoga, healing & meditation.

We offer all inclusive rates for groups which provides the use of yoga spaces/equipment, accommodation & meals included. Khaama Kethna offers two large yoga spaces (Pyramid & Forest) which can comfortably accommodate 20 & 40 students. Both spaces are secluded and surrounded by lush jungle, trees, plants, monkeys and birds.

Khaama Kethna has 20 huts onsite (see accommodation for details) and can sleep 40 people onsite at once.

We are happy to organise a specific package and rate which works best for your group.

If you are a practitioner of teacher and would like to run a retreat at Khaama Kethna, brilliant!  Our facilities can accommodate many different types of retreats, large or small.   To make an inquiry, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please note that the time taken to plan your retreat can determine the very best of success for your experience.  Allow a considerable time for planning.

For Retreat inquiries please contact us directly on: