Drop-in Yoga Classes

8:00am Every Morning

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga brings you in union with the sensation of life in the body through breath and awareness. Yoga is practiced in the form of movement with asana, correct breathing and one pointed focus, arriving at stillness through meditation. The practices and discipline of yoga are a part of penetration of the vital life force within, and are key in health and holistic living. Yoga at Khaama Kethna provides healing, purification and restoration of the body.

Naturopathy medicine is based on the belief in the body’s ability to heal and purify itself through awareness of the vital life. This vital energy is activated from utilizing the healing qualities of the elements found within the environment: earth (mud/clay) water & sun.

Through natural elevating and stimulating treatments, such as homeopathy, massage, herbalism and acupuncture as well as diet and lifestyle counseling naturopathy works to heal form within. Naturopathy provides balance and healing to the body. At Khaama Kethna, our nature treatment center is conducive for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Drop-in Classes

The classes are a combination of Mediation & Yoga- a easy and soft style with the focus on breathing- extending the breath- Integrating and healing

There are two daily yoga drop-in classed classes being conducted there: morning from 8.00 am to 9.30 am and evening from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

The schedule changes regularly in order for guests to experience different styles of yoga with our different resident teachers.

We offer unusual/unique packages and experiences and different wellbeing and wellness programs and activities in  various styles and fields  and for varying/ different levels…please check our daily  schedule online

All Shalas are provided with mats, blocks, belts and meditation cushions.




We at Khaama Kethna will be holding meditation evenings every Wednesday @ 7:30pm. Come along to share in an evening of ‘Right’ Meditation and listen to some inspiring readings or have discussions about love, life and truth. These weekly gatherings are free of charge and all are welcome to join.

‘Right’ Meditation is about mastering the mind and the means of knowing what you are by bringing awareness into the body and entering the subconscious within. Using and focusing one’s divine presence or attention in order to look inside and discover the sensation of the sparkling life force and deep stillness within.

We will host a short 15 minute sitting meditation with guidance and instruction on how to consciously cultivate and hold stillness and connect to the true being and source of life inside oneself. The object of the meditation group is to aid each individual to discover a place of extraordinary and incredible peace and creativity within themselves which ultimately leads to the unbinding of the free spirit or love inside the body.

Wednesday Evening Event:


Friday Evening Event:





Our Holistic Yoga holidays offer a unique environment to unify body, breath and being and to ultimately cultivate a new sense of stillness and overall wellbeing. Whether you wish to deepen your yoga practice or are beginning the first steps of a journey within, we offer a versatile daily yoga holiday program which provides a taste of the authentic Indian yoga experience, in the mystical land of its origin.

For more information see our ‘RETREATS’ section of the website or email us on admin@khaamakethna.com.