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Jungle Silent Retreat ‘The Art of Being’

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Jungle Silent Retreat
‘The Art of Being’

27-31 January 2018
3 or 5 days (27-29 or 27-31 January)

Connect to the Stillness of Nature
Meditation & Yoga
Clean & Green Diet

Khaama Kethna ecological village and retreat centre invites you to participate in a 3-5 day ‘Silent Retreat’ in our tranquil slice of jungle wilderness. Immerse yourself into deep silent stillness and withdraw into the solitude and serenity of nature to reconnect to your true being within. No religions, ashrams or gurus and no distractions, just simple silence surrounded by the native flora and fauna of the South Goan Jungle.

Spread across 3-5 days and 12 acres of sub tropical forest, sleep in one of our traditionally hand crafted tree houses or cabanas and live in harmony with nature. We offer a gentle yet challenging program that combines sustained silence, a total digital detox, a clean ’n’ green diet regime and uniquely supportive yoga and guided meditation classes to completely cleanse and re-centre you from within.

Go beyond meditation, discover your inner stillness and begin to dissolve your attachments to the world around you.

At Khaama Kethna, the art of being is consciously cultivated through simple but powerful and practical methods. One such method is by providing a sanctuary that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of nature from this modern, hectic world. Living as one with nature enables people to reconnect to their true being in their own way and own time.
In ordinary daily living, the mind is kept active through continuous stimulation from the outside world, this internal activity often builds up forming an inner restlessness and an insatiable need for entertainment through experience. Constant bombardment of the senses coupled with the complex interplay of emotions and attitudes involved in most social interactions tend to keep the fire of the mind burning, leaving you feeling anxious, discontent and fragmented. By removing distractions such as electronics, internet, music and books that activate the mind and disconnecting from the ceaseless chatter of social media, mobile phones and social interactions, we begin to free ourselves from the mental momentum and restlessness continually perpetuated by unnecessary screens and convenient conversations.
Living in silence allows for a heightened sense of intimacy with the beauty of life all around us. Our senses become more acute and our perceptions within and without can appear to us with greater clarity. We gradually become more in tune with the subtle life force within and a new awareness begins to unfold our thoughts and feelings normally drowned out by daily living. This is a powerful process that has the ability to penetrate deep within uncovering pure self-knowledge and revealing your true radiant being.
There are no distracting agendas, religions, ashrams or gurus placed upon you here and all views, traditions and spiritual paths are respected. Our methods are straight and simple, to support relaxation, stillness and transformation. The effective and enduring practices learned with us can be integrated into your everyday life long after you have left our retreat centre.

Upon arrival in the afternoon of the first day, once check in is complete we will have a full induction with a complete program including meal times and class/activity timetable. All of the rules and do’s and dont’s will be outlined and explained as well as a detailed map of the site and areas specially designated for the silent retreat. We ask that all guests please arrive before induction begins as silence will commence after the induction is finished.

Silence does not mean no sound: Just the idea of silence can appear intimidating to some who are more familiar with a more active and enjoyable social life. However here in the jungle, silent most definitely doesn’t mean no sound. The constant hum and ever expanding chorus of the wildlife all around becomes a soothing and comforting tune. An even more terrifying prospect to some is the total disconnection from the digital world but once again you may be surprised to find that the nature all around puts on a far more inspiring and entertaining show.

All classes and meditations are designed to be completely supportive to you in your silent state. Silence itself is very powerful and emotions, thoughts and unexpected issues can arise from deep within. Considering each individual is different and this is an individual experience, attendance to all classes provided is entirely optional.

Each day of the retreat there will be yoga classes twice a day, a unique and gentle class in the morning and a more dynamic Hatha class in the afternoon. Both are suitable for beginner and intermediate yoga enthusiasts. Separate unguided and guided group meditation classes are also held twice daily and can offer assistance to everyone both experienced and those new to the art of meditation. A re-centring and energising Tai Chi and Chi Kung class will also be incorporated within the retreat schedule for those who wish to participate. A detailed schedule will be given upon arrival and fully explained during your induction to silent living.
At our onsite Naturopathy Centre we provide a range of holistic wellbeing & wellness treatments and Ayurvedic massage. Treatments can be arranged for you throughout the retreat and can be pre booked during the induction.

We have a restaurant onsite that provides a creative and inspiring fusion of natural wholesome Ayurvedic and local indigenous, farm fresh vegetarian meals. The meal program has been specially formulated to nourish, support and delight you throughout the duration of the retreat. With a particular emphasis on fresh green salads and juices to detox and cleanse the body while offering readily available nutrients to encourage and support you in your withdrawal into stillness.
You will be provided with regular doses of healthy herbal teas, green vegetable juices/smoothies as well as buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A complete meal plan and schedule will be provided to you during your induction.
All meals will be vegan and refined sugar free. If you have any special dietary requirements please notify us prior to your arrival at the retreat.

Our eco village is an example of a modern way to live as one with nature in a simple, comfortable and refreshing manner. We have a choice of treehouses, standard cabanas and shared rooms available. All rooms are different and unique in design and each is equipped with a double bed (for single occupancy) or with 2 single beds (for sharing), fan and mosquito net.
Every room has its own accompanying terrace, complete with table and chairs to sit in privacy and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The annexed washrooms are outside and partly open to the sky. Showers are cold water only however on request, we can provide hot water in buckets. The toilets are a mix of either Indian style squat or western style toilets. Soap, toilet paper and towels are provided.

We do not have an electricity backup generator in case of power failure; instead we provide candles and solar lanterns. Please note that in keeping with ethos of the place, the accommodation is built in a natural ecological style using materials that are available from the forest as well as recycled materials combined with a touch of ecological modern high technology materials (eco-logical -materials that have a low carbon foot print in the long run.)

Khaama Kethna is located just 4 km from the small resort of ‘Agonda Beach’ and approximately 10km from the busier resorts of ‘Patnem’ & the famous ‘Palolem’. If you are coming from further away, we are located a little off the beaten track and can be difficult to find so if you need more directions or a pick up please let us know and we can send a driver who knows the area. A pickup service from Goa Airport can be arranged, for Rs. 1,900/- during the daylight hours and 2300/- during the night-time.

On the main road from Palolem to Agonda Beach, approximately 2km before the turn off to Agonda beach, you will see a left turn directly behind a restaurant called ‘Unique Cafe’. At this turning you shall see signs for ‘Blue Planet’ and ‘Khaama Kethna’. Take this left turn directly behind ‘Unique café’ and continue driving for about 1km. You will pass ‘Blue Planet’ restaurant and shortly you shall arrive at the bottom gate of our property that has a clear wooden sign with our name on it. Come up the steps and you shall arrive directly into our restaurant and reception area where one of our staff will be waiting to assist you.

The retreat will be held from the 27th of January ’18 to the 31st of January ’18. The retreat will commence at 2pm on Saturday 27th and finish at 4pm on Monday 29th or Wednesday 31st.
We have a range of prices to suit all budgets and there are 2 different packages available depending on desired duration:
‘3 Day Retreat’ Package or ‘5 Day Retreat’ Package:

– ‘3 Day Retreat’ Package Pricing:
Treehouse Sharing: 9,000 Rps
Standard Single: 12,000 Rps

‘5 Day Retreat’ Package Pricing:
Standard Sharing: 12,500 Rps
Standard Single: 17,500 Rps

Prices includes accommodation, all meals/drinks and food, all classes & guided meditations, workshops.

Please note that while participation in all the classes and workshops is entirely optional, not attending does not affect the given price and the price must be paid in full at check in on the 27th of January.
Limited places apply and spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis so please contact us via Email or Phone/WhatsApp or Facebook Message to book your place.

Email: admin@khaamakethna.com
Phone/WhatsApp: +917798872378
Address: 442 Gurawal, Agonda, Canacona, Goa.

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