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What is ‘Holistic’ Living?

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The term ‘Holistic’ implies to be all-encompassing and is derived from the word ‘whole’ which means to be complete or entire. To be whole is defined as in an unbroken or undamaged state with no part removed and something that is in itself absolute. Therefore  ‘Holistic Living’ implies one cannot separate a part of your life from the rest of your life and One’s life from the whole of life so what one does to any form of  life, one is doing to one’s own life.

The ancient sages, the founding fathers of the evolving consciousness realized the oneness of all existence and that all life is one. They honored and respected the sanctity of all life and one’s living of this life should therefore be a source and demonstration of all that is true, all that is good and auspicious and all that is beautiful about the life around us.

Holistic living involves considering the inner reality as well as the outer world and therefore the being or spirit as well as the body. We are evolutionary beings and this life in this body is participating in this marvelous process of evolving wholly, holistically even if it is mainly unconscious in most individuals. One makes a conscious and harmonious contribution by first  getting the everyday ordinary living right by addressing and dealing with all and every aspects of the living life whether it be the mental, material, physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual and specifically addressing the disturbance experienced in the areas of partnership, love life, relationship, family, friends circle, workplace etc…

Living a ‘Holistic’ life begins with accepting and surrendering to the fact that you are part of something greater than yourself and each individual must take responsibility for what they contribute to life in its entirety….

In the ordinary world, people tend to continuously live out their life as a robotic ‘effect’ and are always focused on the continually changing conditions and objects within it.  Craving for connection and fulfillment solely outside themselves they objectify it in a partner and material possession. Seeking it in a grand career, which most of the time they do not even enjoy and spend their life stuck in a cycle of endless material acquisition to fill the void of living an empty, purposeless life.  All of existence is a reflection of what is within and if one’s life is a mess, it is because one made it like that through unconscious and ignorant living. As I am, that’s how it is, for ultimately the individual is the cause, not the effect.

The food we eat, the actions we take and the thoughts we entertain.  How we treat and relate to those around us, our environment and how we enact out our living, all contribute to make this Earth and World what it is, for better or worse.








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