…Welcome to Khaama Kethna…

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Experience this haven designed as a sanctuary, the mythical paradise of Earth, a place for profound contemplation and inner communion.

Nestled in a tranquil valley in the hilltops of Agonda on approximately 12.5 acres of forest, Khaama Kethna is a creative village surrounded by an abundance of colourful flowers, fruits, medicinal plants, verdant jungle trees, frolicking monkeys, butterflies and bird songs. The pure ambience lends itself to the profundity of endless silence that encourages one to be still, quietly reflect, and explore the journey within oneself.

Devoted to serve your wellbeing and the creation of harmony in our environment in a holistic and wholesome way; we offer a sanctuary for you to reconnect with your true essence. Through union with nature, yoga, wholesome organic food, healing therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, and diverse workshops, we hope you feel nourished during your time with us.

Open for Monsoon

Everything is fresh clean, pure and sparkling

We endeavour to give our guests an authentic experience of living with nature in a simple yet comfortable style.  Monsoon washes away the dry season and brings new life to the jungle.  A quiet time for cleansing and reflection.

During the monsoon we scale down our operations and only keep a few rooms available. Oceans can be quite rough during the monsoon and not recommended for swimming.  There is a chance that the beautiful pathways through the forest are waterlogged, but you can take a longer hike on the dirt roads leading to the beaches.


November – April

This is the main tourist season.  During these months the daily temperature is around 28 degrees with guaranteed sunshine.  Mornings and evenings are dry and cool, with warm beach weather during the day and calm seas. These are the most popular times in Goa, Goa’s winter.

 April – June

Low Season.  The weather starts to get warmer and more humid. The beaches are more empty and by the end of March a great time to experience the  sights of the beach empty of tourist.

 June – September

Many long-term visitors and the Goan’s themselves vouch that Goa is at its best during the monsoons, when the countryside turns vibrant and alive with lush green almost overnight, with waterfall bountiful and the locals calm and displaying their famous hospitality nature.

October to November

The land is lush and colourful, post monsoons is with intermittent with light showers and lots of sunshine resembling an autumn-like weather.

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